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In collaboration with RIESTER, the Arizona K12 Center launches a new website. Many months in the making and two phases of development, RIESTER transitioned the site from CakePHP to the Symfony PHP Framework, building a feature rich web application to support the business needs of the AZK12 Center. RIESTER is proud to take part in helping build tools to enable teachers in Arizona to register for continued education.

Arizona K12 Website Screen Shot

Arizona K12 Website Screen Shot

RIESTER supports other Arizona Educators such as the Arizona Board of Regents with the Higher Education Solutions website to build a coalition of supports for higher education funding. RIESTER has also built a website to support the campaign for Penny Kotterman for State Superintendent of Public Instruction and the Expect More Arizona website, focused on raising awareness around the state of education in Arizona.

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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona has a new website.
RIESTER, and especially Tim Riester, has a long history of working with and promoting the work of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

From the Big Brothers Big Sisters website: “Like the look of this website? It’s no wonder – it was designed and created by the best in the business! RIESTER is a longtime partner of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona. This partnership includes a 3 year stint by RIESTER CEO Tim Riester as Chairman of our Board of Directors. RIESTER’s interactive team went all out with our new website design! For that, and for all of your support with volunteers, events, advertising…the list goes on and on…all of us here at Big Brothers Big Sisters would like to say THANK YOU RIESTER!”

On behalf of RIESTER, thank you Big Brothers Big Sisters for the work you do for our community. Providing pro bono work to such a worthy organization is rewarding for us.
Thank you as well to the outstanding members of my team here at RIESTER for their work on this site.
Visit the new website.

Screenshot of new Big Brothers Big Sisters of Arizona

Screenshot of new Big Brothers Big Sisters of Arizona

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Another great website redesign.

Arizona Lottery Website Redesign

As Executive Director of Digital Services at RIESTER, working with an amazing team we redesigned the Arizona Lottery website and content management system to provide a superior user experience for website visitor and site administrators.


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Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia has written a fantastic book about life, leadership and the pursuit of happiness.

Every year I try to read a book or three about business management (If you have any recommendations leave them in the comments section).

Let My People Go Surfing, has really resonated with me. In a nutshell the book focuses on the learning’s of a unique company that realized value through being a responsible business focused on ethics and profits that balance the needs of customers, employees and the environment to build a sustainable brand.

My expectation of business books are to provide me with professional development, I did not expect that it would also have such a large effect on my personal growth.

I have always considered myself a nature lover, but historically it has had little influence on my behavior as a consumer. After reading Chouinard’s book, I have a very different outlook on consumerism and it has led me to analyze many of my purchasing decisions. I now think about the entire product lifecycle, will it serve a true purposes, can it be reused or recycled.

The business challenges Chouinard has overcome have enabled him to pursue what he loves, support a sustainable lifestyle and create a superior product that has earned the respect of the audience it serves. I have learned how to be a better leader and Patagonia has earned another Brand Fan and believer.

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Parking Spot

Parking Spot Number

I am required to travel a bit for work, and nothing is more frustrating then coming back from a trip and forgetting where you parked. I typically try to park in the same general area and level, but sometimes it is just not possible.

I have come up with a quick and easy way to remember. I use the camera on my iPhone as I leave my car for the security check point. This has come in very handy.

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As most of you know I left CITI as SVP of Web Strategy + Design back in June of 2008 to join the RIESTER Executive Team. Although I will miss many of the great folks in Jacksonville, FL and NY, NY, I am very excited to be back in Phoenix Arizona.

After 4+ years at PetSmart and 2 years at CITI, it is a breath of fresh air to be back in an agency. The agency world has evolved since my early years at USWeb/CKS and MarchFirst.

I have started up my blog to share my thoughts and explore my voice and improve my writing. Happy reading  -AP

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| Venomocity

Youth Tobacco Prevention Website, Venomocity


RIESTER has once again set the bar for Youth Tobacco Prevention for Arizona Department of Health Services. As Executive Director of Digital Services for RIESTER, we delivered a unique look into the lair of addiction.


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As SrVP of Web Strategy and Design at CITI I contributed to the successful redesign and launch of both the acquisition and account servicing applications and citicards.com

citicards.com screenshot

citicards.com screenshot

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